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Paradigm Learning amplifies the business acumen and employee alignment of leaders, managers, employees, and sales teams to achieve real business results. Our award-winning, in-person and virtually delivered business games, simulations, and Discovery Maps®, empower learning and development leaders to revolutionize their organizations.

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Business Acumen Training

Organizations face tough decisions every day about processes, people, products, finances, and customers. How their leaders, managers, sales teams, and employees deal with these issues is critical. With increased business acumen, they can use their knowledge to make better decisions that impact bottom-line results.

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COMING SOON to Business Acumen Offerings

Zodiak Pro is a self-paced digital business acumen simulation designed to provide managers and key employees with an opportunity to develop enhanced financial literacy and overall business acumen through practice. Learners will be able to more confidently use financial terms, read and analyze financial reports, understand the interrelationships of strategic decisions on a company's financial performance, and make a more significant impact on the success of their department, teams, and organizations.

Leading Accountable Virtual Teams

To support organizations navigating this difficult time, we've created a one-hour, virtually facilitated training program on how to lead accountable virtual teams. This training helps leaders develop best practices for navigating change, creating a productive rhythm and a culture of accountability.

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Onboarding and New Hire Orientation

Developing an onboarding experience that conveys a warm welcome, sincere enthusiasm, valuable content, and that creates a “wow” factor does not have to be daunting. After all, stats show that one in every 25 employees leaves a new job due to poor (or no) onboarding.

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Organizational Change Management

Organizational change is guaranteed. Success is not. Strategic and employee alignment are imperative. But how does an organization ensure its employees gracefully adapt to change? Fear of the unknown leads to lower productivity, higher workplace confusion and costly staff turnover. Managers who can lead through uncertain times are essential.

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Talent Leadership and Development

As organizations prioritize attracting and retaining the best and brightest in a changing workforce landscape, one fact becomes increasingly obvious: Individual managers and leaders have the largest impact on an employee’s engagement and development.

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Employee Alignment

During times of change, the strategic alignment and commitment of employees is key to the achievement of business goals, organizational vision, and new initiatives. Leaders, managers, and employees must clearly understand the issues driving change and embrace operational strategies to impact company success.

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