Working with what you have: Business Acumen Series Pt. 3

Posted by Paradigm Learning on February 05, 2015

Working with what you have Pt. 3

John C. Maxwell said, “Leadership is influence.” So developing your leaders, especially those emerging leaders, may be the most important in your human capital strategy. Did you know that business acumen can develop your leaders? Successful and influential managers have the vision and business acumen to impact their department objectives while contributing to overall financial and strategic goals.

Over the past two weeks you’ve seen the power of business acumen. It can help you do more with less by helping your workforce think like owners, and aligning them. Now let’s take a look at how business acumen can develop leaders.

  • 1.) Business acumen teaches leaders how to influence the business across organizational boundaries. Business acumen takes leaders into the mindset of being a student of the business, the financials, the customers, the industry, and evolving technologies. Business acumen allows them to seek out opportunities to help shape the organization’s future.
  • 2.) Business acumen shows leaders how to champion change to drive innovation, creativity, and growth. Business acumen allows for leaders to work collaboratively with others to build a common vision and achieve transformational results. Not only will they build a common vision they will commit to continual change to ensure customer focus and organizational agility.
  • 3.) Business acumen teaches leaders how to achieve measurable results with organizational goals. Business acumen teaches leaders how to establish, communicate, and take decisive action to achieve goals. They can inspire, coach, and support employees to be high-performance contributors.

Business acumen training is a great compliment to your leadership development curriculum, or as a standalone event. Stay tuned next week for part four of our series where we highlight how business acumen can arm your sales teams.