Working with what you have: Business Acumen Series Pt. 2

Posted by Paradigm Learning on January 29, 2015

Working with what you have - Pt. 2

You read in our last blog how Business Acumen Training can help you do more with less. Effective business acumen training covers many competencies and skills required for an organization’s success; it’s like a multivitamin for your workforce.

In the last blog we saw how Business Acumen helps your employees think like an owner. In this blog, learn how business acumen can help align your organization.

  • 1.) Employees at all levels in all jobs will understand marketplace issues driving change. As organizations continue to face tough decisions about processes, people, products, finances, and customers, their workforces need to understand how to deal with these critical issues. Business acumen equips a workforce with this knowledge, helping them to make better decisions.
  • 2.) They will make decisions with the organization’s vision in mind. Organizations are recognizing that business acumen training puts all other development efforts into the context of executing corporate strategy, ensuring the strategic alignment of leaders and employees around the company’s goals, objectives, and strategies.
  • 3.) They will understand why/how they fit into the big picture of success, being able to accept change based on this understanding. Change management is a lot like embarking on an exercise program. It takes willingness to change ingrained habits, and requires close attention to deeper motivational issues. People need to see the vision clearly and understand that every decision they make impacts the bottom line.

You are able to see just two uses for business acumen training. Catch the blog next week when we look at a third way business acumen can help your organization do more with less. We told you: Doing more with less has never been easier!

For more on how business acumen can help align your workforce, download an EGUIDE here!

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