Training at the End of the Rainbow

Posted by Craig Schwipps on March 16, 2017
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st pattys day business acumen

Everyone wishes they had better luck. Some days are just harder than others, it’s the way life is. And, despite the lighthearted spirit of St. Patty’s Day, a four-leaf clover or leprechaun will unfortunately not make things instantly better. To change your luck, you must be the one to make the change yourself.

This is especially true across all organizations and industries today. Change is inevitable. It’s going to happen, but HOW your organization changes is largely dependent on the goals and aspirations you seek. If the main goal is profitable growth, the path to achieve it starts with engaging your team. When your entire team is not only secure in their own roles and functions, but believe in the strategy and desired outcome, they will drive together that much harder for success.

To change your luck, to change your organization, you must put in place the proper agents for change. And the proper agents start with providing the right kind of training to your employees. Experiential Learning is the training that provides a true investment in your team, and their roles and specific skillsets. For many organizations, this is the “pot of gold” they’ve been looking for to drive change: training that provides real results.

It must be remembered that change is always about people, and people can be resistant to change unless they see how it benefits them and what they can provide. Everyone wants to feel wanted and integral. Experiential Learning allows your employees time to embrace new concepts, practice the application in their own contexts, and extend the application of change more comprehensively.

It’s time to invest in the training that creates a passionate workforce that’s involved and feels accountable for the organization achieving its objectives. Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. Start the path that leads to both today.

And don’t forget to wear green on March 17th!

Topics: Experiential Learning, Strategic Alignment