The Worst Generation Of The Workforce?

Posted by Craig Schwipps on February 16, 2017
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Training for Millennials

I have a confession to make. I’m a Millennial. I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath and let all the gasps subside. You’re thinking, “Craig, how can you be a Millennial, you’re so mature and hardworking and post great blogs.” While this is true, and thank you for indulging my ego on a weekly basis, I’d like to talk about the changing landscape in businesses and how my generation truly fits in.

I’ve seen countless articles and blog posts come out about how Millennials are becoming a larger percentage of the workforce and what this means for industries and jobs. What interests me most is that these pieces are almost always written by someone who is not of the Millennial generation. That’s not to say that other generations can’t make great insights about what makes up a Millennial, but let me give my own two cents. Because while there are insights, this also means there are misconceptions, and misconceptions can lead to negative impacts.

Let’s start with what I was taught by my parents, both of whom are on the Baby Boomer/Generation X edge. I was told that if I had a dream for what I wanted to do or become, I had to work hard, but would eventually achieve it if I kept my head up and never gave up. And, although it didn’t happen in the timeframe I desired, that advice held true. Patience and determination was the key for me, and honestly a little bit of luck. I’ve seen the labels of “lazy” and “entitled” thrown on my generation, and yes, I can see how some people just want things handed to them on a silver platter. But that’s true for any age group, not just mine.

Everyone wants to attain the dream of a good life, with wealth and sustainability. And while some have it thrust upon them, there is a larger portion that knows to earn your keep, you must be dedicated and driven. But what does this mean for organizations? I’ll tell you. USE that drive and dedication and arm it with the proper tools for success. When you find the Millennials who want to make a name and drive growth, invest in them and give them the resources they need to make it happen.

For a start of the resources to give, let me offer a suggestion. For me, the biggest aid to my organizational and career success has been found in the Onboarding program offered with my current company. Knowing exactly where I fit in and what my specific function and role entailed enabled me to focus all my efforts in a very directed pattern. I knew exactly what was expected of me and was offered help in all areas to achieve project and content success. This molded me to the company vision and culture much more quickly than I had ever previously been.

If you don’t have an Onboarding program in place that takes your new hires into at least six months of their new role, I highly suggest you get one started now. Preferably your onboarding should extend well past this, as roles are always being adapted and even tenured employees need reassurance and guidance.     

Every generation has its strengths, even Millennials. Make sure you are investing in those strengths and driving towards a future of profitable growth. Give us a chance. Give us the tools and we will show you what we can do.

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