The Wonderful World of Wizards in Business

Posted by Craig Schwipps on March 09, 2017
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The first Harry Potter book was published twenty years ago. Am I the only one that reads that and feels ridiculously old? Two decades have passed since our first glimpse of Hogwarts, Dumbledore and the amazing trio. And yet, the wizarding world continues to expand and grow and hold a place in millions, if not billions of people’s hearts.

I can’t even fathom another story or set of characters coming along in the next fifty years that will hold such a sway as J.K Rowling’s creation. And I’m perfectly okay with that. The Harry Potter universe had and has a multitude of teaching points and connections we can make to pretty much any topic we desire. That’s part of the magic.

I’d love to see that magic of the book and film series translated over into the business environment being cultivated today. With our multigenerational workforce, there are a multitude of diverse talents, values and strategies floating around from office to office, department to department. But despite these differing ideas, every organization still strives for the same thing: profitable growth. Growth starts with the people; getting them on board, aligning them and driving them to execute organizational strategy.

If you want to see proper alignment, realize that each employee comes from a different Hogwarts house, and brings a different strength to the table that must be molded and invested in. I’m not suggesting that if you have a manager who was sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore they will be the smartest in the office. But perhaps you have an employee who is a nonstop fountain of information and new ideas. Utilize that strength. Cultivate a unified organization by harnessing the potential of everyone’s unique talent development.

Hogwarts houses had unique attributes: Ravenclaw, wisdom, Gryffindor, bravery, Slytherin, cunning, and Hufflepuff, loyalty. Employees and departments are the same way. They have a specific role to bring to your organization. They must feel secure in that role, and know exactly what they bring to the table. When employees know their impact, their talent shines through as they make better decisions and show innovation and initiative.  Who wouldn’t want to invest in that?

We may not have wands, but we can still bring the magic of alignment throughout the organization. Develop your talent. They may have a lot to learn, but they also have a lot to offer. And when you can capitalize on everyone’s strengths driving towards the same goal, you’ll see the execution of strategy that leads to profitable growth.

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