The three things you need to know from ATD 2015

Posted by Paradigm Learning on May 21, 2015

It is cheaper to train your people than recruit and replace them.” If you were at ATD’s 2015 Conference and Expo, you would agree that this was the over arching theme. An event that was packed with over 10,000 attendees, 300 education sessions, 400 world-class vendors, and 10 content tracks, brought several takeaways.

Here are the biggest 3 takeaways straight from the expo floor:

1. Business Acumen is a key competency for leadership development (especially high-potentials and emerging leaders). This is no surprise. If you are going to be a leader, you need to be able to think like one. Understanding the big picture of the organization, as well as how your decisions impact the bottom line, is very important when developing your leaders. Does your organization have a plan to implement business acumen training?

2. Organizations are seeing and preparing for an aging workforce to leave. Imagine the panic. L&D is looking for the magic vacuum that will transfer the data and knowledge from the more seasoned employees to the new, up-and-coming leaders. Can this be done? And how can it be done quickly and efficiently?

3. eLearning is causing some struggles. As the industry pushes more and more for LMS and eLearning, L&D questions, “How effective is this type of training?” There continues to be a struggle with the ROI from these types of learning initiatives, being able to really show results. We found a real need to balance out eLearning with Instructor-led, classroom- based blended learning options.

Regardless of what sessions you went to or what booths you stopped at, we hope you gained some valuable insight from the biggest talent development conference of the year.

We sure enjoyed gaining our valuable insights from the expo floor.

Paradigm Learning will see you next year in Denver.

Topics: Leadership Development, Learning Development, Strategic Alignment, Business Acumen