The Rise of Classroom Training: Part 4. How to Capitalize in 2017

Posted by Craig Schwipps on December 22, 2016
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ATD State of the Industry 2017

As the new year approaches, you can’t help but look back on 2016 one last time. Every year has its ups and downs, and maybe you’re thinking of that one business deal that went sour, or the quarter where your department outshined all others. What’s important is to take what you’ve learned from this last year (good or bad) and apply it for the upcoming one. Why did the business deal go bad? Do you know what to do to avoid another such occurrence? What factor led your team to performing so well that one quarter?

For many organizations, the influence on good and bad results can be first seen with the training provided to their employees. If they don’t have the proper training, information, or tools, of course it’s going to produce a poor result. I can’t eat donuts for three meals a day, play video games for exercise and then go run a marathon in a month (as much as I wish it worked that way). That’s bad training.

You need proper training. You need classroom training. You’ve heard the benefits, and you’ve read about the results, so what’s stopping you?

I know that every L&D team is currently, and has been for weeks on end, calculating their priorities for the upcoming year. We all know what the main goal of every organization is: profitable growth. What are your resolutions to help attain this goal? Maybe you need to develop your front-line managers, or perhaps your new hires need to understand the impact of their business decisions.

Whatever the case, you need to not only build your talent pipeline, but increase its strength to thrive in 2017.  Classroom training can provide this for your organization. Instructor-led activities and simulations that follow a discovery/experiential learning approach are growing in popularity all over the market. Per ATD’s 2016 State of the Industry Report, out of available training hours, 65% were delivered via instructor-led delivery methods. From new hires to senior executives, elearning isn’t in-depth enough and doesn’t provide the results your business needs.

Build a business owner mentality, provide the information to turn your employees into driven, decisive teammates all striving towards the main goal. 2017 will see the rise of classroom training, will your organization be a part of it?

To learn more about what GREAT classroom training looks like, check out this Whitepaper: Games Smart Businesses Play. #TheRiseofClassroomTraining

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