The Most Important Season To Engage Your Workforce

Posted by Craig Schwipps on June 22, 2017
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Summer Business Acumen Engagement

Summer is finally upon us. A season notorious for hot days, ice cream, and most important: vacations! Yes, over the next three months there will be a lot of time off taken from an abundance of employees. And rightly so, as June- August can be considered “slow” months for many organizations. Perhaps there is a lack of projects or leads to focus on. With schools being out, many turn their attention on some much needed family time.

But what happens when your employees come back from vacation? Does their energy and engagement disappear as soon as they get back to their office or computer screen? Are they excited to get back to doing their job, or is it back to needing coffee to survive?

I’m not suggesting your organization needs to be so exciting and dynamic that it’s better than vacation! But retention of talent and productive work comes from employees that are engaged and dedicated to the values and culture of his or her organization. And the way to build engagement starts with investing in your team’s business acumen.

When your entire workforce has a thorough understanding of how the business operates, how it makes money and where they fit into the overall picture, then they are able to make significant change. Regardless of obtaining some time off, when your organization makes the investment to fully prepare you for your role, you're going to come back and know you are an integral part of the team. 

Vacations can be a nice and relaxing, but make sure your organizational culture promotes the love and investment of your employees above all else. Because investing in the skills and growth of your team leads to profitable growth for the organization.

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