The Heroes of Project Management

Posted by Craig Schwipps on March 30, 2017
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Have you ever wondered how the Avengers, X-Men or any superhero group are truly able to stop villains from fulfilling their devious plots? I don’t mean by using their super powers or natural abilities, though that certainly plays into the action on comic books and movie screens. No, I’m talking about the true power of taking down evil in the Marvel or DC world: the power of project management.

Confused? Buckle in, because this analogy is about to take off! Every dynamic and effective superhero team has a core element that makes them successful or failures in battle. There is always a clear leader or leaders; those who know the team in and out, can play off their unique strengths and talents, and direct them best where to go and who to pair up.  Not to get too nerdy, but an example would be that Batman or Superman would never send Martian Manhunter to fight alone against Heat Wave or Firefly, (because they know Manhunter’s weakness is fire).

A successful project team must have skilled, knowledgeable and committed managers to lead the team to achieving its goals. By the same token, the project team members must know their specific role and responsibility, and be willing to follow their leaders through the fast-paced challenges associated with multiple projects. Are they enthusiastic and focused? Do they believe in the project and the desired outcomes? Can they chart the course for where the project should end? These are all skills and attributes of a successful project team.

Time, money and resources are in short supply, and yet project managers and their teams must deliver high-quality, cost-effective results while facing aggressive deadlines, scope creep, communication breakdowns, and more. It may not seem like much compared to Captain America trying to save the entire planet, but this threat is very real and success is sadly low. Fewer than 1/3 of all projects were successfully completed on time and on budget over the past year. The odds are stacked against you, which is why you need effective project management training.

With the proper concepts, tools, techniques, and behaviors of effective project management, your managers and teams will be more prepared to navigate the triple constraints of time, cost, and requirements. Start your project teams on the path to success today.

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