T Time With Tim: Better Business Acumen Means Better Decisions

Posted by Tim Adler on February 20, 2017

Business Acumen Training


In the ever-changing, competitive business landscape, it is critical that managers and individual contributors know how their organization measures success.  What metrics does senior leadership refer to every month or quarter?  Why are those measurements important?  How are they calculated? 

When managers/employees can explain the answers to these questions, they have a context in which to make their own decisions.  They now see the link between their team/department and the bigger picture. We call this link an understanding of business acumen.  And this alignment helps them set priorities, make decisions and take actions that contribute more directly to the success of the business.

Many managers today work very hard and genuinely want to be successful.  And many of them know (at least vaguely) what their company’s goals are.  They just have a hard time drawing a line between their hard work and the metrics senior leadership keeps referring to—it’s a bit foggy. What can be done to see through these difficult connections? For many, it starts with receiving the training that can develop their understanding of these key metrics. Experiential learning. Paradigm Learning’s Zodiak® business acumen simulation clears away the fog.  And the result: a better understanding of how strategies and decisions impact financial results.

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