SPOILER ALERT: Business Takeaways from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Posted by Paradigm Learning on November 01, 2014

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you’re up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you know that their latest episode featured yet another “Halloweeeeen” bet between Captain Holt and Detective Peralta.

If one thing is clear from the two Halloween episodes for this show, it’s that whomever works with the team wins the bet. A simple business lesson to take away from a television show—work together and you’ll be successful.

A year ago, when Jake Peralta bet Captain Holt he could steal the Medal of Valor before midnight, it took the work of the entire cast to achieve the feat. Even dour Detective Santiago was in on it.

And, though it seemed (to Holt and the audience) that Peralta would not succeed, he did. And he did so by trusting the work of his fellow detectives.

This year, Holt turned Peralta’s tactics against him by using the team to confuse Peralta into thinking his plan had worked and gone wrong when, in fact, it failed miserably.

From this sitcom it is clear to see that teamwork is key in every business—but the more important thing to take away from these episodes is the trust factor between leader and team. When you all want a common goal, building a strong team is simple and effective.

Now who’s looking forward to the next Halloween episode from Brooklyn Nine-Nine? I’m betting the Captain and Peralta team up to confuse the rest of the office!

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