Paradigm Learning Business Acumen Files: Case 002--Taylor

Posted by Paradigm Learning on May 14, 2015

Here’s another tale from our business acumen files:

Taylor was recently promoted to become the administrative assistant to the VP of a large telecommunications company. He knows the company is implementing several new strategies—especially in sales and marketing—and that his new boss is going to be a key player in their implementation. He thinks he may be called on to get involved as well, but his boss hasn’t yet told him much about the strategies.

Taylor has never thought it was his place to ask a lot of questions about the company, but he is beginning to hear things that make him wonder if he should be better informed. He also gets the impression that his boss thinks he knows more than he does. Should he try harder to understand the company’s new direction? If so, how?

YES—Taylor should understand the company’s new direction. But he can’t do it alone. Taylor needs business acumen training to help him get the holistic big-picture view of the organization. Not just any training will do. Only effective business acumen training that yields real results can help Taylor.

Effective business acumen training should:
  1. Engage your learners. Let’s think of Taylor. He’s already apprehensive about the lack of knowledge he has. So engagement will overcome the “Oh No” factor and make it palatable to potentially reluctant learners. 
  2. Be relevant. Business acumen training isn’t just about learning specific skills, but about driving insights about the organization as a whole. Can Taylor take the experience and apply it directly and immediately to his role, ultimately strengthening the organization’s performance? This is a MUST! 
  3. Be as real as possible. Simulations based on real business dynamics and learning experiences that use games, stories, and role-playing provide multiple opportunities for learners to practice and improve decision-making skills. Someone like Taylor needs that “real” factor so he can apply skills back on the job.
Looking around your organization, are there a few Taylor’s? Are you ready to help them see the big-picture?

Topics: Business Simulations, Business Acumen