Mergers, Acquisitions, and Automobiles: The new GPS for leading through global change

Posted by Paradigm Learning on June 12, 2015

Gone are the days when successful navigation depended on your skill of interpreting an unfolded roadmap across the steering column. In a few short years, modern GPS systems have all but replaced the Rand-McNally maps that were as common on long trips as snacks, sodas and sunglasses.

“Are we there yet?”

Well, some things don’t change. Our anticipation builds … and then, well, disappointment.

“Only two more hours.”

The tale is not unlike what many leaders go through in the months, weeks and days that precede a major merger or acquisition. During these periods of profound transition, hidden obstacles take the form of misaligned strategic policies and inconsistent levels of employee commitment. Staff members either don’t know the direction because they haven’t been told; or, worse yet, they are silently rebelling against it.

Sound familiar?

The refrain is common, but the resolution is simple: create a picture in the minds of employees that pinpoints the driving forces of change in the business, forecasts where that change is leading, and spells out what each individual must do in order to complete the journey. When these components are all in place, new systems and practices can be learned and applied in ways that have a resounding impact on the bottom line.

Better than directions, and easier-to-follow

Many leaders of the best-known and globally recognized brands in the world have recognized the value that Discovery Maps® can bring to their organizations. A Discovery Map® provides an ideal communication tool for aligning and motivating learners as they navigate the twists and turns of change. Clients tell us once their people can see themselves and their roles within the business; they find new avenues for contributing to its growth and sustainability.

For some businesses, this may seem like the road less traveled, but it’s already standard on the byways of commerce these days.

Are you there yet?

If you can relate, please share your thoughts on this article with us. We look forward to crossing paths with you in the future. And yes, we’ll save you some chips.

Topics: Experiential Learning, Strategic Alignment