Make initiating change FUN!

Posted by Paradigm Learning on November 12, 2014

Make initiating change FUN!

“Change is the only constant.” But what does it take to initiate change? And how do you gather people together to advocate it?

It’s important to stay with the times and innovate for business success, but a lot of the time you might have people resisting change because “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

We all know it’s not about fixing something, but rather staying ahead of the game in order to tackle challenges down the road and anticipate customer needs.

If you don’t have a flashy way to keep your organization aligned behind your changes, maybe watching a video for some solar roadwayswill help you. Solar Roadways is a prime example of an innovated, brilliantly marketed, and solution-based initiative; whether it’s actually a solution remains to be seen, all we’re pointing out is their ability to garner an excited following for a massive change initiative. The project raised over 2 million dollars in a couple of months.

All it takes to initiate changes, which inevitably happen in your organization, is a high-tempo and upbeat attitude to gather advocates. Your people should be excited about the change, not fearful of it.

Topics: Strategic Alignment, Organizational Change