Learning and Development Lessons from March Madness

Posted by Craig Schwipps on March 23, 2017
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I love March Madness. The skill, the passion, the thrilling buzzer beaters, the unbelievable upsets no one sees coming. For me and most of my family, it’s a joyous guessing game with twists and turns week after week. Some of my family members follow the news of their teams religiously and plot their entire bracket around it. Others, like myself, are content to pick and choose at random based on names, team colors and luck.

Since working in an organization specializing in learning and development solutions, I can tell you my method of picking winners for March Madness does not translate well into the business world. As it shouldn’t. Can you imagine if our senior executives made decisions by throwing darts at a board or spinning a wheel? (Some of you may think that actually is how it’s done based on the strange changes in your organization you may have seen.)

But true business-savvy comes from doing your homework, from knowing the business of the business. In short, from building business acumen. I’ve said it in blogs before, I’ll say it in blogs for the future: business acumen is a necessity for organizations across all industries today. The benefits can be seen in multiple areas: leadership development, employee engagement, sales enablement, project management and more!

Where do you want your business to grow and thrive? It doesn’t matter, business acumen will help! With a deep financial understanding of how the organization makes money, employees are better able to see where they fit in the bigger picture. With a secure knowledge in their role, they will act and make decisions as business owners do, for the benefit of the organization. Going back to our basketball analogy, the same can be said of a team that knows its proper roles and what is required or expected of each other. Guards, forwards and centers have a specific function game after game. When everyone is on the same page driving toward the same goal, secure in what their job is, the result is great coordination and victory.

 Regardless of who your champion pick is (and I hope your choice is still in the running), remember to focus on your own business team as well. Drive their business acumen, drive their engagement, and you will see the results in your organization that makes everyone feel like winners.

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