Leadership Development. Can Anyone Teach It?

Posted by Craig Schwipps on June 08, 2017
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Leadership Development Parents

First-time parents have a large responsibility on their shoulders. Life is no longer about just developing yourself, but protecting, teaching, raising and developing your child. I can’t say that I am a parent, but after spending several months with my five-month old nephew, I have started to see that children actually have a lot to teach US. And you better believe it transitions well into the business world.

So, here are three lessons your kids can teach you about upgrading leadership development.

  1. Hands On Training

Have you ever dangled something in front of a small child; keys, a toy, food? Almost instinctively they will reach out and try to grab it for themselves. They don’t want to just see it or hear about it from us, they want to feel it and experience it up close and personal. Leaders become effective when they can experience situations hands on. Natural leaders are hard to come by; it’s not an instinct everyone can learn by reading or observing. When leaders are developed through simulations and practice, they get a better feel for their role. Give them the experience and hands on training they need for success.

  1. Open Communication is Key

Calming down an infant can be difficult. They want to be spoken to, acknowledged. Inspiring leaders are ones that listen to their coworkers and the people on their team. Everyone wants to have a voice, everyone wants to be heard and acknowledged as an essential aspect of his or her organization. Take the time to address their needs and concerns. Don’t manage from a distance, be a true part of the team and speak openly about goals, strategy and values. When you can have real, open and honest dialogues with your organization, that’s when true success can happen.

  1. Good Leaders Learn from Other Good Leaders

If you want to be the best at something, you don’t become an apprentice to someone that has a terrible reputation and no experience; you seek out an expert that can actually guide you. Parents, you want the best for your children. It’s your responsibility to be the role model and set the standard for what you hope they become. It’s also necessary to point them toward others you feel will guide them in a proper manner. This is the same case for developing leaders. If they don’t have the proper examples to follow, how can they effectively become a good leader themselves? Learn from the best, become the best.

As you can see, lessons for development can be found in a multitude of places. Even a child can teach us how business and L&D can be made more effective. Kids also suggest lots of snacks and naptime, but your organization may frown upon that. However, you can still focus on upgrading your leadership development programs and finding a good fit to prepare your managers.

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