Is it time to re-evaluate your leadership development offerings?

Posted by Paradigm Learning on October 03, 2014

Is it time to re-evaluate your leadership development offerings?

It’s not easy being a leader in today’s world, especially as employees’ expectations of their own managers and company leaders continue to increase. Good leaders are expected to listen, enable opportunity and be role models and exceptional coaches. And, because employees expect a lot from their leaders, they lose trust and respect when those expectations are not met.

HR professionals who are tasked with designing and delivering leadership development programs have an ongoing challenge to understand how workplace issues and expectations are changing so that they can make sure to provide the right content to the right leaders at the right time. That takes continual re-evaluation and adjustment.

When was the last time you took a good look at your leadership development program?

Here are some ideas for reevaluating, reinvigorating and reengineering your current leadership development efforts:

  1. Take a fresh, objective look at your curriculum offerings. Do they align with the organization’s strategies?
  2. Enhance your leadership development content by getting learners actively involved in thinking and discovering. Are there ample opportunities to engage in real-world exercises?
  3. Redesign your offerings, incorporating small-team activities, challenge scenarios, game techniques, post session action plans and other discovery learning exercises. Do your offerings engage learners?
  4. Expand the use of simulations that place learners in situations where they have to employ critical thinking to make decisions and analyze consequences. Do the simulations closely align with real-world issues?
  5. Incorporate business acumen development into your curriculum to ensure your leaders understand the business – both its financial drivers and its strategic objectives. Do leaders tie their actions and decisions to the company’s success?

By assessing your current leadership development initiatives, you put your organization and its leaders in a much stronger position to succeed in the future…and keep up with changing norms and expectations.

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