Gazing at the Moonlight from La La Land

Posted by Craig Schwipps on March 02, 2017
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I can say that I’ve been in awkward situations before. I’ve made mistakes, lots of them. Who hasn’t? I am very thankful, however, that none of my mistakes have been filmed live in front of millions of people watching. By now, you have either heard of or seen yourself the cringe-worthy moment at the Oscars when the wrong winner was announced for best picture of the year. It was extremely difficult to watch as everyone scrambled to right the wrong, and heartbreaking to witness the cast and crew’s shattered expectations.

Host Jimmy Kimmel tried to play it off and make the situation lighter by cracking some jokes. La La Land’s producer, Jordan Horowitz, unselfishly announced the mistake had been made and graciously handed the award over to the actual winners. It got me thinking about how organizations go about fixing mistakes, or avoiding mistakes altogether. Every day, millions of business decisions are made that have a very wide impact company to company, department to department. Some of these decisions lead to mistakes that must be fixed quickly, but often these decisions are made with no idea of the impact or consequences.

This can lead to incidents far worse than a slip up at an awards ceremony. An organization can only thrive if each employee knows their specific role in and out, and therefore knows exactly where they make an impact to the bottom line. In short, every organization needs business acumen. I bring up this topic time and again because its benefits have never ceased to work! Learn how your organization makes money and operates, and you learn how you specifically impact the organization’s success.

Not every mistake is avoidable, but you can help lessen the amount by giving your team business acumen training. Business acumen means thinking like an owner, and thinking like an owner means better business decisions. You know the goal you are trying to achieve; it’s the same as every organization. You want profitable growth. It’s time to set in motion obtaining the tools that will help you earn that result.

Don’t let your organization create another Oscar faux pas. It’s time to invest in the training that leaves you proud and a winner.

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