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Posted by Craig Schwipps on July 13, 2017
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We learned at ATD this year that onboarding new hires is still a large concern across industries and organizations. We’ve all seen the stats and maybe you’ve read some of the research. It’s imperative to get your new hires on board and in tune with your company culture from day one and onward. So if the ultimate goal is to train talent and retain talent and we know onboarding works, why is it still such a large concern?

It comes down to two factors: engagement and length.

Not all organizations even have an onboarding program in place, but of the ones that do, there can be a huge variety of what companies offer. Some may offer only a one to two day orientation to introduce coworkers, mission, and vision statement and throw new hires into a new role. Length of time plays a key role into how quickly you will see true unfiltered productivity from your new hires. According to this survey, it takes eight months on average for an employee to become fully productive. Are you onboarding them the entire time? Or are you giving them a brief intro and then throwing them into the fray hoping for the best? If you want to hold on to employees for the long-term, then you have to be willing to invest in them for the long-term.

The second piece of the onboarding puzzle is engagement. We are a society that seeks to be constantly entertained. Our tablets and phones are never very far from us and our TVs have become more powerful with thousands of channels on demand at a moment’s notice. So, with all this entertainment around, how do we make the organization where we work appealing and interesting, especially when bringing on new hires? Often times, it’s a matter of organizational culture. Your culture needs to reflect your investment first and foremost in your employees.

No one wants to work where they aren’t appreciated, no matter how passionate about the job they may be. Show you care. That’s the way to get them engaged and onboard and wrapped up in your vision, mission and culture. Make the investment, and make it quick. After all, new hires decide whether to stay or leave a company within their first 45 days! Go beyond a simple meet and greet and “here’s your desk.” Prepare them for their position, show them where they fit into the big picture and engage them with the value of your organization.

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