Does your organization have a High-Performance Training Culture?

Posted by Paradigm Learning on October 14, 2014

High Performance Training Culture

“It takes 10,000 hours of practice to be an expert.” This doesn’t mean you stop at 10k.

Successful athletes consistently practice every aspect of their sport; there is never an end to practice. The more practice, the better the performance.

The same is true for business leaders and employees. If you don’t practice effective leading every day, your leadership and credibility will take a hit. If your employees aren’t training at what they do every day, their success, and that of your organization will suffer.

If you run a training simulation for your organization, expect an uptick in performance for a week, a month, or a maybe quarter. But the only way to sustain upward performance in your organization is to consistently reinforce a learning culture from top to bottom.

Leading an organization’s culture of success is just like sports or cooking. In order to master the leadership role, you have to work at it every day, learn from mistakes, and innovate to keep your employees working at the highest level of performance.

For example, if you run a training simulation based around business acumen for your employees, you must develop a way to reinforce the skills they’ve learned. If your employees always look at how their actions affect the bottom line, your organization’s success will grow—and continue to grow for as long as you reinforce their learning.

Encourage your employees to look at different ways of developing themselves. If you’re able to achieve your true leadership potential, you can seamlessly instill a culture of high-performance training.

In what ways do you contribute to your company’s culture? Finding an answer to that question will help you expand your own performance. 

Topics: Leadership Development, Business Acumen