Develop your future leaders now!

Posted by Paradigm Learning on October 24, 2014

Develop Your Future Leaders Now

With the use of technology on the rise, one question we must ask ourselves is: How important is the tangible connection between leader and employee?

A storm of millennial workers is breaching the workplace levees, and they’re bringing with them an adept knowledge of connecting to people through technology. These are workers who will soon be leaders in the business world, and they are workers who need the proper leadership development

Are these soon-to-be-leaders going to know the importance of emotional intelligence? Does their knowledge of connecting through technology translate to face-to-face interactions?

This is perhaps the hardest developmental challenge our millennial leaders-to-be will face, but it is the most necessary.

Emotional intelligence relies on the ability to understand and connect to individuals on a deeper level than spoken or written word. Emotional intelligence requires the ability to read body language. It is what makes a connection tangible.

Can technology offer our millennial workers and leaders these connections? Will business leaders today be able to teach emotional intelligence to the leaders of tomorrow?

Developing your future leaders should start now, when your potentials are still fresh in the organization. 

Topics: Leadership Development, Learning Development, Technology