Business Acumen: The Missing Link for Sales Professionals

Posted by Paradigm Learning on October 28, 2014

The Missing Link

If you’re hungry, you want to be asked what you want to eat, not just given something that you’re expected to bite into.

Have you ever watched a sales person struggle to sell because that’s all he was doing—selling?

It may make sense that selling is all sales people need to do, but it’s really not. A successful sales person is one that can connect to each of his customers on a different level than just selling a product.

The successful sales person will offer solutions rather than products. They will help the buyer in every way they can to get the most out of the transaction. It’s less of a “sell,” and more of a “trade.”

This is why your sales people need to understand business acumen just as much as everyone else in your organization. If your sales people speak from a background of acumen, they will be able to connect with their buyers on the level of understanding the buyers’ business and financial needs.

It obviously doesn’t stop there. A sales person still needs their finesse and flair. But if they go to a buyer with a solution, they will be much more likely to sell than if they brought a product. With business acumen training, your sales people will understand their customers’ financial objectives, marketplace issues and strategic initiatives and use that knowledge to credibly position products and services throughout the customer’s journey to a buying decision.

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