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Posted by Craig Schwipps on July 06, 2017
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Have you ever been to a company picnic? Many of you may recall or even recently had an organizational gathering to celebrate employees. They usually go somewhat like this: excessive amounts of hot dogs, hamburgers, soda, lemonade, kids running around playing games and coworkers bonding with their family and their departments. Sounds very similar to the activities of a certain national holiday we just recently had, doesn’t it?

The 4th of July is a great template for how employee dedications and celebrations should go, because that’s what it is: a celebration. Maybe you don’t shoot off fireworks for hours, but you want your team to feel appreciated for all the work they put in. When I was younger, my father worked for an organization that every summer would provide tickets to a “family fun day” to an amusement park called Kings Island. It wasn’t a huge bonus check, but it was an investment in the employees to say, “Here’s a day to enjoy with your family, on us.”

That should always be the first goal of any organization, investment in your employees. A happy, valued employee is an engaged employee that will reflect that engagement in his or her work. It’s not as though this is a new or unknown concept. Organizations are well aware they need to engage their employees. The main issue that companies run into is how, how do we invest in our employees and make them empowered, engaged and effective?

It may surprise you to learn that it’s not that difficult of a solution. Often times, the best way to engage and empower employees is to provide the right tools and training that allow them to know the business of the business and perform their job to the best of their ability. In short, investing in the development of business acumen.

Basic financial literacy, you might ask? How could that possibly engage a workforce or bring more benefits to an organization? Well, according to the statistics of this article, it may be more of a necessity than you realize. When employees can get a big picture view of their organization, see the cash flow and structure of the company; they can better develop a “business owner mentality.” This allows them to both act and make better business decisions seeing the larger view.

And when one knows exactly where he or she fits, how the operation works, and how they have an impact, that’s an engaged worker. They’re not worrying about how to do their job; they’re doing it! So, invest in your workforce. Holidays and celebrations are great times for fun, but make sure the office has the right investment as well for progress!

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