Business acumen—don’t leave employees without it

Posted by Amy Bybee on March 31, 2016
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After attending both the Training 2016 Conference and the Learning Solutions Conference, it is amazing to me how many leading companies still don’t have business acumen training as a part of their curriculum. Actually, it is mind blowing.

And what is even more interesting is the number of talent development leaders we spoke with who almost didn’t realize they needed it. Let me put this into context for you.

On average, we saw about 300 conference attendees at our booth, which was organized like this:


Our “wall words” that led people to our business acumen solutions are in orange (financial literacy, commercial acumen, finance for non-financial managers, understand the business, make better decisions). Once the conversations began with these talent development leaders, they realized that not only did they need business acumen training (especially for their front-line managers and high-potential employees) but that they were desperate for training that resulted in better decision making. Because of their greater understanding of their needs, we were able to have productive discussions about business acumen training with them.

Here are just a few ways that business acumen training can result in better decision making by your employees (yes, all of them):

  • Employees become accountable for the implications of their individual decisions.
  • Employees are empowered to make decisions that impact the bottom line in a positive way
  • Employees understand the strategy and big-picture thinking of the business and are able to align their decisions accordingly.

And here’s some feedback we got from several employees of FORTUNE® 1000 companies after receiving our business acumen training:

This training will help me make better decisions immediately on the parts that I order, as well as understand how major purchases affect the company’s bottom line.”

I will now work smarter, thinking through every decision I make and its impact on the bottom line.”

I now have a greater understanding of the decisions the organization makes and am able to look for ways to help move the organization forward.”

And these are just a few. We have 2 million more.

The real bottom line is this: One bad decision from an employee certainly isn’t good, but multiply bad decisions by all of your employees … now that’s scary! It’s time to learn more about business acumen training. And you can do it HERE.


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