Beauty and the Business Acumen Beast

Posted by Craig Schwipps on April 27, 2017
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In the last ten years, Disney has seen the rise of a more and more common trend with the movies they release. Rather than leave their animated classics well enough alone, they have attempted to recreate the magic of their brushstrokes with live actors and actresses. Now, I am not opposed to these ideas. And in fact, after watching the new live action Beauty and the Beast I was impressed with some of their visuals and ideas to bring the story to life.

After watching both movies and comparing the two, it made me debate which of them was better, and why. But more than this, I learned that there are some key business acumen touch points that can be found in the comparison of the movies that all organizations can learn from. (By the way, the live action will never come close to being as good as the original). So, here are 3 business acumen lessons I’ve learned from watching the live action Beauty and the Beast, and the animated 90’s classic.

  1. Make training relevant to your audience

The 2017 live action Beauty and the Beast is over two hours long, nearly 45 minutes longer than its animated counterpart. Some things that the new movie adds are nice and help propel the story, such as character development, a new song or quirky line. But sadly, much of the other time is spent as simply filler, adding nothing new or relevant to the animated story and making the film drag on in certain parts. To properly tell a story and engage your audience, it has to feel relevant to them. They must be able to connect, and feel they are being shown or told these things for a reason. Business acumen training must be the same. Participants must know its relevance to their daily work and be able to connect to truly learn.

  1. Every department has its place

Remember the climactic battle at the end of both films between the angry villagers and enchanted magical objects? I think we would all like to believe we could face a horde of plates and furniture, but in the end the enchanted objects successfully defend their home and send the villagers fleeing. Why? Because they knew where their individual strengths laid, and how best to use them to their advantage. This is what true business acumen training can do to an organization. It brings a unity, a common desire for one goal, but through the use of different departments and sections. When everyone across the organization knows their role, function, and how their decisions have an impact, they are able to affect the organization in a more secure, positive manner.

  1. Often times “Traditional” is more memorable

I am able to quote basically any line from the 1991 Beauty and the Beast. I can sing all the songs; I can do all the voices and little inflections. It was memorable. It made an impact on me. I can tell you there are new songs in the 2017 live action film. I can’t remember a single line from any of them. This has been a large argument for corporate training in recent years. It’s no secret that e-learning and virtual classroom are more timely and cost efficient, but they just aren’t having as much an impact as traditional classroom learning, because they aren’t memorable. There is nothing for the participants to take back. If you want successful training that leaves an impact, I suggest experiential learning, face to face in the classroom. It may not have catchy songs, but your team will remember it more than a CGI backdrop.

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