5 Insights from the Expo Floor of Training Magazine’s Training 2015

Posted by Paradigm Learning on February 20, 2015

5 Insights from the Expo Floor

With the theme of Training Matters, last week over 1,500 learning and development professionals gathered at the Georgia World Congress Center for Training Magazine’s 38th Annual Training 2015 Conference and Expo. This event was designed for training and development, learning, and performance professionals.

Paradigm Learning was a proud sponsor. Not only did we engage in many conversations, we also enjoyed sessions dissecting the latest industry research. Here are 5 insights gleaned from learning and development professionals themselves:

  1. eLearning is HUGE, but it can’t replace classroom-based learning. The biggest problem with eLearning: lack of retention. Why? One major contributor shown by research is that less than 18% of eLearning actually relates to the learner’s job, resulting in little to no behavior change. Classroom-based learning is still tucked in to all successful learning tracks. There is something to be said about learning that sticks.
  2. Time to prepare: Leaders are being placed into positions when they aren’t ready. There was desperate conversation around transferring knowledge from seasoned Baby Boomers to emerging Millennials having to take their place. The key to this knowledge gap lies in finding multigenerational training that sticks, as well as developing skills that allow these new leaders to experience what it’s like to be an owner.
  3. Business acumen is a missing skill in most sales professionals. The major question, “Do you offer training that helps my sales team empathize for their customer?” Of course! Business acumen may be the most valuable skill in today’s sales professional because it allows them to understand a customer’s financial and strategic issues so they can align a solution to meet real needs.
  4. I love game-based learning. So do we! Game-based learning by simulation allows learners to experience realistic situations in a safe environment. Learners paint themselves into the bigger picture, creating on-the-job results. Not to mention that game-based learning promotes team building with guided discussions. It’s sticky. It’s tactile. It works…and it’s FUN!
  5. EVERY WORKER NEEDS BUSINESS ACUMEN. That’s right! We establish that no matter what industry, business acumen is an important skill to own. It helps individuals understand how their actions impact the bottom line, and it gives them a lens to appreciate the tough decisions senior leaders make every day. If that’s not enough, business acumen helps individuals see how their company makes money, arming them with financial terms and metrics. 

Topics: Learning Development, Business Acumen