4 things technology provides to Business Acumen training that L&D can’t live without

Posted by Paradigm Learning on June 04, 2015

Business acumen training should be an important initiative for all businesses. Its basic principles help learners see their impact on the bottom line. But how can an organization see the impact of their training programs on their bottom line?

One of the hardest questions learning and development leaders ask is, “How can you show the ROI of business acumen (or any type of) training?”

And the truth is, you must show ROI for your human capital initiatives, really understanding the science behind the numbers. So it is important to find training that can incorporate technology for tracking and measurement (especially when it comes to business acumen training). We'll show you...

1. Performance support tools provide a way to reinforce training post-session.

By leveraging a digital platform as a performance support tool, technology post-session allows learners to quickly apply what they learned in class to their jobs, tracking their actions and improvements in a job-relevant, safe learning environment. This allows the ability to streamline action planning for groups or individuals in a way that can be easily tracked, so learners and the learners’ organization can see the difference it has made for them and for the company.

2. Technology provides private and accessible social networking to learners.

Using technology as a portal to online message boards or forums lets learners test their understanding of business acumen in job-specific situations and apply these lessons in a social setting with other learners within the organization. Learners can receive feedback to help align themselves with an organization’s strategic initiatives and learn from the best practices, experience, and knowledge of peers and managers.

3. Technology makes action plans and commitments more interactive. 

Instead of going back to pencil-and-paper action planning, technology allows adult learners to use what they already devices such as phones, tablets, and computers to track progress on action plans, receive reminders for completion, and alert managers on milestones.

4. Technology helps build a library of best practices.

Having the social platform for learners to engage with allows them to build a library of best practices, reference tools, and refresher tips/exercises. This will help existing employees and new hires foster a culture of business acumen.

Contact Paradigm Learning for more information about innovative learning solutions and integrating digital performance support. To read how we’ve enhanced our flagship business acumen simulation, Zodiak®, using technology, click here.

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