3 Lessons To Upgrade Your Leadership Development In The Modern Workplace

Posted by Craig Schwipps on August 24, 2017
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The skills needed for outstanding leadership have changed dramatically in the last ten years, now including standout behavior, adaptive thinking and emotional and strategic intelligence. Unfortunately, the methods used to develop these kinds of leaders have not changed to adapt with these new needs. With increasing globalization and the need to build effective teams across cultures, it’s imperative development programs innovate in the modern age for real success. Here are 3 requirements leadership development programs must add to thrive and build successful leaders.

 1. Alignment of development and organizational culture

Today, the most successful organizations are ones developing their leadership behaviors to directly reflect the org’s culture and ambition. We know senior leaders want and need to see development better aligned with the company’s overall business goals. Development of leadership behaviors that align specifically with organizational objectives ensures the continuation of an engaging workforce culture. The culture is one of the most important aspects of a business, so it’s imperative leaders are fully immersed in it and have their development centered on the vision and values of the organization.

2. Leadership that takes responsibility

In countless organizations, it is often the HR team’s responsibility to build the leadership pipeline of managers capable of leading the organization to the future. They select the training, they handle the conversations or feedback and there is almost no personal or executive accountability. Leaders of today must show that personal development is a responsibility. This means that not only should senior leadership have a direct hand in the development of the future leaders of their org, but also these developing leaders must individually seek the feedback required to grow and become better. If you don’t make the effort to become a better leader, you will never succeed.

3. Combining the systems of development

The traditional systems of development have not expanded enough to produce the results needed for leadership today. However, this is not to say that old systems of development are worthless. It’s not to say we need an “out with the old and in with the new” solution. Rather, leadership development must take an approach that incorporates the traditional processes and competency development and combine it with more complex behavioral approaches. There are competencies that all leaders need to be effective. The developmental training must immerse leaders in their environment and allow them to think creatively and demonstrate adaptability.

So, what will your leadership development program look like? Does your organizations leadership training incorporate these 3 necessities, or are you stuck in the past? The multi-generational workforce is ready for an updated development regimen. We’ve seen the impact effective, developed leaders bring. Will you make the steps to secure the future of your organization?

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