2015 is coming. What is your learning and development plan?

Posted by Paradigm Learning on November 19, 2014


As 2015 approaches, learning & development (L&D) needs are being re-evaluated to find providers offering effective solutions that engage talent and improve overall performance. At Paradigm Learning we decided to conduct a little research of our own. We compiled our participant survey feedback, listened carefully in the marketplace, and conducted several client interviews from Fortune 500 and 1000 companies.

Here’s what they are saying about their learning and development focuses for 2015:

  1. Applied learning provides real results. Industry studies continue to show that value and driving performance is directly linked to applied learning. Here at Paradigm our version of applied learning is discovery learning. Regardless of what you call it, applied learning is when training links to real world experiences. The learning is relevant to their workplace, job, role, and task. Applied learning leads to better job performance and greater value to the organization.
  2. Blended learning is evolving. Technology is enabling blended learning to becoming more embedded, open, and connected. When influenced by business context, blended learning is resource driven, shorter, more focused, supportive, and performance related. Every organization is unique and blended learning allows for customized learning tools that deliver results.
  3. Measurement tools are a must. The need for measurement is growing. Companies are looking for pre-assessments, post-learning reviews, and reinforcement tools. They want to be able create rich data for analysis, proving the benefit of the training.

The takeaways from this feedback:

  1. Planning needs to happen now. At Paradigm Learning, we begin meeting with our clients in October to get their planning executed. Getting training dates organized for the first part of the year is a great best practice. We love to discuss where our solutions fit in for new customers, as well.
  2. Find the right provider. If one thing is clear, it is crucial to find a provider that is aligned with your business needs for training to really make a difference. Make sure your provider has examples of companies they’ve been successful with in your industry.

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